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#3 Blue

I’m sick of it!! This photo, I thought, had some redeeming value. So, I undertook to eliminate the blemishes an unwanted objects. It has been a WIP [work in progress] for a while until I’m sick of it! After one mend, I’d think it was all set, when something else would grab my attention, then I’d see that my mend was obvious. So back to the drawing board!

The photo, as you can see from the original, was taken from the vehicle while traveling. There were windshield glares right in the center of it. Then there was part of the door frame which had to be removed.

So, here it is. For what it is worth.

And the original:Lots of copy/pasting. Lots of heavy handed clone stamp. Even more healing brush. Some enhancing, lighting, levels, etc., and a tad touch on saturation of color

Enlarge to appreciate.

PhotoShop Elements 5.0 Cannon PowerShot SD 1200 IS


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