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First, 23 photos were taken, and then narrowed down to 10. Then the selection was drastically cut to 4! It was difficult to make up my mind which ones I liked best. I’ll let you decide.

Jens needs to receive credit for this idea. After all, I stole it from his post #9 Glass. Hope I’ve not walked all over any of his thunder here.

The glass and mirror were cleaned with a glass cleaner before setting it up. I noticed there was dust on the candle, so cleaned it too, not even thinking about a wet wick sputtering and spattering – which resulted in tiny bits of wax being deposited on the glass and mirror.

Had to straighten most of these shots. Being as so many were worked on, can’t now tell you which ones were enhanced. For the most part, they needed little tweaking – except when it came to the color of the cloth. Each photo appeared to be a different shade of red or pink. Try as I might (I struggled and took some dire measures) I could not get them to match. In retrospect, I understand the last one might would be a different shade due the flash.

My “Light Room” was nothing more than an old nightgown draped over my toaster oven and bunched up around the glass object. 😀 It is amazing what you can do with some colored cloth or even items of clothing (as I used in #8 Geometric).

The darker photos were taken without any additional illumination save for the burning candle. This one above, and the one below illustrating my “Light Room” (I use the term loosely!!! :D) were taken with flash.

Photoshop Elements 5.0 Cannon Powershot SD 1200 IS


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#8 Geometric

Except for adding a layer for my copyright signature, and reducing original size for publication, SOOC.

Elements 5.0 Cannon PowerShot SD 1200 IS

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