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#2 Blessing

Was thinking of posting this under “What is it?” then figured it would be guessed at the first visit. Decided to just let you in on my stupidity.

I cook with cast iron frying pans. Handles are generally hot on these pans. I was busy turning, what? fried potatoes, I think. Laid the potholder down on the edge of the stove, went to do something else. When I turned around, there were flames about three inches coming up off the potholder. I remembered it was hot when I laid it there, but since I had just used it on a hot pan, thought nothing of it.

The blessing? That I spied it whenever I did, otherwise, there could have been a problem.

Of course, I quickly picked it up and put it under running water in the sink. Until it dried, with the large black corner and I was able to access the damage, I did not realize how much had been afire and destroyed.

My oldest daughter made those potholders for me not very long ago. I lament having set one afire! 😦

Think I am going to invest in some of those newer oven mitts that can’t burn.

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