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#9 Masculine Redux

Jessica felt I needed to add contrasts to this photo. So I went and did so. Do you notice the difference? And if so, what do you think?

Here, contrasts would not work. Remember, this photo is taken through a storm door which had snow spots blown upon it. It was also steamed until I wiped it with my sleeve to get the shot. Since I did not wipe anything but the center of the window, the edges are a bit foggy. I had to play with all three settings in Lightning to get the change that was passable.


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#9 Masculine

My DH Jim goes outside to smoke. Guess this is not just a masculine thing to do, but it is in our household. This is a photo of him through the storm door that has wet snow blown onto it. Severely cropped this first photo with a tiny boost in “Darken Highlights” in Lighting.

He is about to stick his tongue out at me because he does not like his photo to be taken. There is a reflection from the living room window on the storm door glass which winds up on his neck. I did nothing to this photo.

Elements 5.0 Cannon PowerShot SD 1200 IS

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