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#15 White

After I had done all those earlier night shots, I happened to go out onto the front porch the next evening. Here is what grabbed me. The backlit icicles, white and crystalized simply shouted to be captured. These shots actually turned out better than the earlier night snow scene captures. Some slight enhancing needed.

Enlarging will enhance your viewing pleasure.

PhotoShop Elements 5.0 Cannon PowerShot SD 1200 IS


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#12 Oddity

Our second major snowfall of the season. Last time, even though we had more snow then, we had wind and the trees did not collect the snow as it did this time.

Okay . . . so the oddity is me. For thinking I can take shots of the snow in the dark without special equipment, with my little point and shoot without any special settings because I’m not familiar with my camera yet. Whew!

Even though these photos are not professional quality, they turned out a whole lot better than I expected. I really like these photos!

1st photo required just a tad bit of cropping. Other than allowing for my copyright, that is the only thing done to it.

2nd photo had a lot of utility lines removed and a wee bit of tweaking in Lighting. The green aura is from a lamp on a pole to the right (and out of sight) of the photo.

3rd photo had some tweaking in lighting, but very minor. The light is from the ball field.

4th photo was treated much the same as photo 3.

What do you think?

PhotoShop Elements 5.0 Cannon PowerShot SD 1200 IS

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#11 Luscious

In the midst of a snow storm, this little furry critter comes out for a luscious snack. Likely a pecan.

DH was out on the back porch. I was sitting here at the keyboard, snug inside our home, just feet from where DH was standing. Yet, not wishing to disturb the squirrel, DH called me on the cell phone and asked me to come out to sneak some photos of this brave little fellow.

I got my shots through the glass of the storm door, knowing if I opened the door he would be gone like a shot at the noise the door makes.

He sat there in the tree, like he was posing for me. I snapped away while he ate his meal.

This first photo here shows him eating. The one below clearly shows the nut in his mouth.

PhotoShop Elements 5.0 Cannon PowerShot SD 1200 IS

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These two photos (one below) were taken out of the passenger side window of our little truck. Drizzling rain trying hard to be snow was still falling which looks like noise.

This little camera still amazes me. I am in awe that these birds were capture at all and did not realize a heron was in this photo until I started working on it. Please enlarge to enjoy. (If you enlarge and it still is not large enough, use ctrl and + to enlarge more.)

Plans for the lower photo were focused on the tree. I didn’t realize the geese were captured until checking the shots in the camera on the way home.

In the bottom photo, I count, what looks like to me, three herons.

Both of these photos were cropped. Tried hard to tweak Lighting, but it did not respond well to those tweaks, so backed off. I removed utility lines and a pole on both and added a layer for copyright.

I like the balance in this shot.

PhotoShop Elements 5.0 Cannon PowerShot SD 1200 IS

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As you can tell, it is snowing and has been on top of sleet/ice. We have a total of about four inches now. More is expected. It is pristine and beautiful, isn’t it?

Well, it does not take much to turn that beauty into problems.

DH is in a stew because the sleet last night did a good job of freezing the vehicle’s doors shut. Of course, the windshield (read: window) is covered with frozen ice and a layer of snow on top of that. DH is unable to get out to the store to purchase a defrosting agent. He is out trying to devise a method of removing the ice. If he isn’t successful, we are stuck at home until it heats up to about 31 degrees tomorrow.

There is also have windows of the garage and of the neighbor’s house beyond the garage – upper right.

Elements 5.0 Cannon PowerShot SD 1200 IS

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#15 Warning Redux

This is the same viewpoint from last night’s Warning photo. It was sleeting last night. Today, we already have about 4 inches and it is still coming down. The wind is pretty stiff. Would imagine the snow is drifting out on the flats.

This is a lot of snow for this area. Normally, we have a skiff of snow, and occasionally about 4 inches, but this generally happens once a season. We’ve already had a couple of skiffs of snow this winter, now this. It has *has* to be the result of Global Warming!!! lol

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Figured the black and white photo would be more productive towards displaying texture of the photo. Again, a scene of our back yard with some of the ravages of last year’s ice storm still visable.

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