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On yesterday’s journey to a neighboring town, I managed to snap this photo through a dirty windshield. We were traveling at highway speeds.

As you are able to note from the position of the flags, the wind was quite severe.

This first photo is a cropped version. The original version has been included below so you may note the difference. This theme could have been titled Cropped.

Chaos? you ask. The condition of the Stars ‘n Stripes here was not apparent to me until I opened the photo on my computer. The flag’s colors have bleed and faded. We should all strive to keep our flags in good condition.  I do not know the owner of this flag. And to make an assumption as to why the flag flies in this condition would be presumptuous of me.

Yet, I can commensurate with the owner. He might have purchased a flag made in a foreign country where the quality of workmanship is not very great. One more reason to buy American! 😀Off Topic: I have been laboring with a flat screen monitor which has been  on its last legs for some while now. There have been times when we have been unable to read text without major magnification. When working on my photos, many times I have been unable to determine if it is the photo at fault, or if it is my monitor. DH is now at the store purchasing a new, larger, flat screen monitor for us!! Yippee!!!!


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