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Here it is 2010! What a time to be living in this old world.

Any more, digital cameras and cell phones are seen everywhere and used by almost everyone. I have often wished that my life and that of my family could have been recorded as easily then as it is now. Wouldn’t that have been a hoot? The old box Kodak 110 camera or cameras 35 mm film were the means of their day. But if you were poor as church mice, as we were, film and flash bulbs were expensive. Now, we don’t even have film. And there is no need for flash bulbs. The memory cards can be wiped clean and used again and again. After the initial expense for the camera and all the things it takes to make it work, there is no day-to-day expense to keep the camera clicking.

Isn’t it great we have these marvels that enables us here on our current VirtualPhotowalk can keep on clicking?

What’s more, isn’t it great we have such wonderful people who are willing to work as hard as they do to keep all of us here with our trigger finger willing and able on the shutter button, snapping away for that once in a life-time photo?

My hat is off to those who do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes. Thank you.

With the New and Improved guidelines, I hope to be able to partake of the new challenge. Further, if I get behind, I won’t be tossed out on my ear! Like so many of you, I hope to be able to keep up (mostly) and finish the year. With all you good people to encourage me, and others, perhaps we can all have a better go at it than we did last year.


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