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My intent was to go for “Lines” for this photo. But half-way through, I realized it would be a better example of “Cropped.” So, Cropped it is.

I like the reflection of the chair rungs across the table top. Also, the peek through the screened window.

Here below, is the original. Other than being cropped, sized and stamped with my copyright, there has not been any enhancement. I really tried to straighten the photo, but it simply will not work due to the floor not being level.

Elements 5.0 Cannon PowerShot SD 1200 IS


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The other morning, I decided to play around with the Rule of Thirds – although this is stretching it a tad bit. Sunrise, Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC) except for the cropping. So this could be posted as cropped, or Rule of Thirds.

Lines of intersection are not exactly on the mark, but close enough for Government Work. 😀

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