Thinking Positively :D

Hello All –

As most of you know, I have been absent, but trying to keep up in a “read mode” only.

Today, I saw Julie’s announcement about the free online course in digital photography – and in my “Thinking Positively” mode, I signed up for it. πŸ˜€

You might enjoy it too, even if you are a seasoned photographer.

Check it out:

#1: Post a link to this class on your blog or other online sites:

When I am able, photos will also return here. But being as surgery is still in the future, I may have to drop out of the photowalk this next time ’round.

Ta ta!

#2 Blessing

Was thinking of posting this under “What is it?” then figured it would be guessed at the first visit. Decided to just let you in on my stupidity.

I cook with cast iron frying pans. Handles are generally hot on these pans. I was busy turning, what? fried potatoes, I think. Laid the potholder down on the edge of the stove, went to do something else. When I turned around, there were flames about three inches coming up off the potholder. I remembered it was hot when I laid it there, but since I had just used it on a hot pan, thought nothing of it.

The blessing? That I spied it whenever I did, otherwise, there could have been a problem.

Of course, I quickly picked it up and put it under running water in the sink. Until it dried, with the large black corner and I was able to access the damage, I did not realize how much had been afire and destroyed.

My oldest daughter made those potholders for me not very long ago. I lament having set one afire! 😦

Think I am going to invest in some of those newer oven mitts that can’t burn.

PhotoShop Elements 5.0 Cannon PowerShot SD 1200 IS

#3 Blue Redux

Redux for Tammy. Well, not yet! Okay, here it is, Tammy! The best I could do.

#3 Blue

I’m sick of it!! This photo, I thought, had some redeeming value. So, I undertook to eliminate the blemishes an unwanted objects. It has been a WIP [work in progress] for a while until I’m sick of it! After one mend, I’d think it was all set, when something else would grab my attention, then I’d see that my mend was obvious. So back to the drawing board!

The photo, as you can see from the original, was taken from the vehicle while traveling. There were windshield glares right in the center of it. Then there was part of the door frame which had to be removed.

So, here it is. For what it is worth.

And the original:Lots of copy/pasting. Lots of heavy handed clone stamp. Even more healing brush. Some enhancing, lighting, levels, etc., and a tad touch on saturation of color

Enlarge to appreciate.

PhotoShop Elements 5.0 Cannon PowerShot SD 1200 IS

#9 Packaging

Sometimes I’ve pondered why the Lord elected to “package” his creation as He did. Yet, I’m very glad he made the bright red Cardinal. They are so beautiful flitting between trees. Almost takes my breath away. Then, if you pair them with a couple of Blue Birds, the sight is magnificent.

These photos are not the sharpest. The Cardinal was spied. I ran for my camera. There was no way I could get outside to capture a shot without scaring it off. Besides that, they move very quickly, as you know if you have ever tried to photograph birds.

Naturally, the ubiquitous dirty window was not the best of “filters” to sight through. Still, I’ll present these poor photos as my “packaging” theme.

Have not a clue what that is by his head. It is not on other photos, nor is it on the root. It is not on the bird.

This one is the worst of the lot. But I like his expression with his crown raised.

I could get only three shots before he departed the scene. 😦 So, here they are, for what they are worth – which isn’t much.

All three required enhancement – but just a tad. Also sharpening.

PhotoShop Elements 5.0 Cannon PowerShot SD 1200 IS

#14 Unexpected

People who are following me on Twitter.

As you might expect, there is a story here. What would I be without a story? πŸ˜€ The outcome of this was completely UNEXPECTED!

To set the scene. I am a member of the Republican Party and an active member of our County Committee. In fact, I have been appointed the take charge monitor of our Committee’s website. [http://www.lawrencecountyrepublicans.com/] I am also the official photographer and post my photos on the website.

At our regular February monthly meeting, we were fortunate to have as speakers, Todd Sharp and Jeannie Burlsworth, Chairman of Secure Arkansas. In the course of the information Todd shared with us was some “behind the scenes happenings” being conducted by the current administration.

Todd said he belonged to Twitter. He is what I call a “mover and shaker” behind the Arkansas political scene. [If you wish to know what Todd shared with us that evening, it is on the above website. You’ll need to scroll down to the Feb. 11 post.]

Before I could post the information Todd shared on our GOP website, I needed to know a little more about it. So I googled it, but didn’t come up with much. Then I figured I’d find the information on Todd’s Twitter page. In the process of all of this, I joined Twitter.

It was not until the next day that I remembered another thing Todd had related to us that evening. He told about how much he liked Twitter and how it was a very effective tool in getting information disseminated. Then told how astonished he was [and just a little bit pleased] when he found several “movers and shakers” from the Washington D.C. political scene were following him on Twitter.

Possibly it was my search for the information Todd had given us that evening. I do not know. But the following day, I discovered that some of the very people who were following Todd were also following me on Twitter!! Now, I don’t think for a minute that Karl Rove himself is sitting at a computer following or reading my stuff on Twitter. He likely has a paid staff that does that. But, all the same, I must admit there was a rush there for a minute when I saw him listed as following me. πŸ˜€

If you will look carefully at the very top of the photo below, you will see where my browser was on the web when the photo was shot. You can see where it states: “People who follow pilgrim30” – pilgrim30 is my screen name. Rick Crawford is the fellow who is campaigning to fill the US House seat formerly occupied by Marion Berry. Rick happens to use my photos of him and one of him and his wife in his campaign bio. πŸ˜€ PhotoShop Elements 5.0 Cannon PowerShot SD 1200 IS

#5 Conspicuous

As I walked through the dinning room, I saw out of the window a flash of color. Besides the small patch of green grass, this yellow color was Conspicuous as the only other color in the yard! Yippee! SPRING IS HERE!!!!!!!! I grabbed my camera and took a whole bunch of shots of these beautiful crocus. This first photo was taken through the dirty window of the dinning room. It was enhanced and cropped.

Most of the photos [except where indicated] were tinkered with in PSE 5.0 Lighting and saturation. Some had their light levels decreased.Some were cropped. And even some were SOOC [Straight Out Of The Camera]! πŸ˜€ Enhanced photo. Enhanced photo. Lighting levels were tinkered with on this one [I think!] πŸ˜€ This photo had light levels reduced. It was cropped so the blossoms were not directly in the center. This photo was SOOC [Straight out of the camera] and posted without any tinkering in PSE.

I am so glad Spring is here in our neck of the woods! πŸ˜€

PhotoShop Elements 5.0 Cannon PowerShot SD 1200 IS

Sitting in front of my computer as it turned off, I noticed there is a reflection of me and the room in the mirror shine of my new flat screen monitor, which is black. I thought, hmmmmmm And picked up my camera which was within arm’s reach.

The shot was taken without flash for obvious reason. The only lighting in the room was several feet behind me on the right.

When I downloaded the photos to my computer, they looked almost plain black. See original here.I played with lighting and used the healing tool to remove some dust spots. πŸ˜€ Then also applied a noise and despeckle filter.

PhotoShop Elements 5.0 Cannon PowerShot SD 1200 IS

#6 Feminine

Group of photos . . .

Here it is the 27th day of February. I really didn’t think I was going get through all of the themes. But, here is the last one: Feminine.Granddaughter and her mother, who is my youngest daughter.

Step-granddaughter.A closer shot of my youngest daughter, an excellent photographer, who happens to also a fan of b&w.

Some of us are splitting to different groups. I’ll be going to group D – Dynamic.

PhotoShop Elements 5.0 Cannon PowerShot SD 1200 IS

#5 Domestic

What could be more domestic than cleaning up a spill? Did some post-processing “clean up” so you couldn’t see all my dust and dirt! πŸ˜€ Boosted it a tad bit in Shadows/Highlights and color saturation.

PhotoShop Elements 5.0 Cannon PowerShot SD 1200 IS